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Wild Stone redefines boldness; launches its latest Badass Collection of perfumes

Wild Stone, the renowned male grooming brand under McNROE announced the launch of their new digital film for the launch of “Badass Perfume Collection”. The collection features an exquisite trio of fragrances – Whisky, Cigar, and Ammo, which redefine personal style and attitude, elevating the rebellious spirit with an irresistible charm that’s just too cool for the good guys.

The latest digital film by Wild Stone will be amplified on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. The exhilarating script opens with a charismatic man’s entrance at the upscale party, grabbing everyone’s attention with his enchanting fragrance, and leaving everyone intrigued. Men and Women are both spellbound with his confidence while acknowledging his enigmatic aura. The visual represents the Sigma male power, showcasing his confidence and strength while being the centre of attraction. The visual narrative unfolds the essence of a true Sigma male, showing strength and charm.

Mr Ankit Daga, Director at McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, expressed his thoughts on the launch of ‘The Badass Collection’ and said, “Enriched with the very essence that characterizes a Sigma Man, our collection boasts three distinct Perfumes which embody the spirit of their names – Whisky, Cigar, and Ammo. Each fragrance invites individuals to embrace their self-expression and revel in their distinctiveness through an enchanting sensory journey.”

Embark on an extraordinary sensory exploration with the Badass Collection Perfumes by Wild Stone. Dive into the rich warmth of Whisky, where cognac, whisky, and nutmeg ignite your senses. Indulge in the smoky allure of Cigar, crafted with geranium, patchouli, tobacco, and musk. Lastly, experience the earthy robustness of Ammo, infused with pepper, cashmere, and amber, all inspiring confidence and charm.

About McNROE

McNROE Consumer Products Pvt Ltd, the parent company of Wildstone, Secret Temptation, and CODE, is a leading Indian FMCG manufacturer with expertise in the personal care domain. With a loyal customer base spanning rural and urban India, our expansive distribution networks cater to a wide audience.

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