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Unicommerce powers platform’s e-commerce operations

  1. Unicommerce will help manage 50,000+ monthly orders from 25+ warehouses

  2. Complete range of smart fitness products from t-shirts to treadmills, from mats to massagers will be managed via Unicommerce

India’s leading fitness services and products platform,, has partnered with Unicommerce to streamline its supply chain operations for its smart fitness products under the segment. platform will manage its orders and warehouse operations through the Unicommerce platform, accelerating order processing and elevating the post-purchase experience for its end consumers.

The Unicommerce platform will help manage the entire product range, including high-quality sportswear, versatile home exercise gear, gym equipment, bicycles, and a range of nutraceuticals. With Unicommerce’s order management and warehouse management solutions, the brand will be able streamline its warehouse operations which will lead to faster processing of orders. The platform has currently integrated 25+ warehouses located across the country on the Unicommerce platform and processes over 50,000+ orders in a month.

With the growing popularity of fitness products and services in the Indian market, platform has been witnessing high demand for its wide range of sportswear, gym accessories and health products. Unicommerce’s technology will smoothen operational challenges such as unsynchronised inventory, order allocation, bulk order management, logistics management and return orders management by integrating all of its warehouses onto a single platform, allowing it to allocate orders to the nearest warehouse automatically and streamline its order management processes.

Regarding the partnership, Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, said, “ has redefined the workout experience for sports and fitness enthusiasts. We are delighted to partner with Cultfit platform and deploy an effective supply chain system that helps automate supply chain processes and enhances capabilities to handle their rising orders. Our adaptable and resilient product framework provides a competitive advantage, positioning us as the preferred solution for businesses aiming to expedite their growth.”

Unicommerce, with its robust technology, is reshaping India’s new-age retail industry. Unicommerce’s extensive integration network across marketplaces and carts, POS systems, 3PL service providers, ERPs, and POS systems has simplified the post-purchase journey for thousands of brands. The company has witnessed growth in its international business with a growing client base in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Disclaimer: The aforesaid analysis is based on orders processed by Unicommerce eSolutions Private Limited (“Company”) may not be indicative of actual trends of industry, and are subject to external factors beyond the control of the Company. The information in this report does not constitute financial advice (nor investment, tax, accounting or legal advice), and recipients shall rely on its independent assessment of industry outlook. Past performance information in this report should not be relied upon as an indication of (and is not an indicator of) future performance of any of the products or categories.

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