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The ABC workout regime for the festive season by Zivame

Diwali is just around the corner, and we all know that the time crunch is real with all the prep. But fret not, because we’ve got the ultimate solution to get you feeling and looking fabulous in your festive outfits. It’s time to say goodbye to that unwanted bloating and embrace the festive season with the 20-minute ABC workout routine. Zivame has you covered not only with shapewear that makes you feel fab from the outside but also with a workout routine to make you feel fab from the inside.

If you’re squeezing in your workout before the day’s chaos begins, fuel up with a light pre-workout snack like a banana or a handful of nuts. For those opting to exercise in the evening, it’s important to nourish your body right. Grab a balanced meal about 2-3 hours before your workout, like a chicken salad or a bowl of quinoa with veggies. Before you dive into the ABC routine, slip into the Zelocity activewear and stretch those muscles to kickstart your day, focusing on leg stretches, arm circles, and a quick twist to get your core engaged.

  1. Squats for sculpting in style: Get ready to tackle your abs with squats. These lower body wonders help tone your abs and butt, all while looking fabulous in your Zelocity activewear leggings and t-shirts. Ensure your upper body is straight and pull in your navel to engage your deep abdominal muscles. With a perfect sports bra for support, you’ll squat your way to a stunning physique.

  2. Crunches: rhe core of confidence: Crunches are your ticket to toned abs! Tighten your abs and push your lower back flat against the floor the entire time to ensure your core stays engaged. Feel the burn and let your Zelocity sports bra be the right partner as you strengthen your abs and you’ll be ready to rock that crop top during the festivities.

  3. Leg raises for the win: For the ‘B’ in ABC, leg raises are your go-to move. Slip into our mid-compression leggings that are a perfect blend of comfort and style and you’ll be ready to elevate your butt game. Not only this but it also helps in improving your posture and reduces back pain. Ensure that your legs are straight when you do this.

  4. Push-Ups: chest to impress: Sculpt your chest and arms with push-ups and do it in style with Zelocity High Impact Sports Bra and leggings. As you pump up those chest muscles, feel the blood rush. Throughout the entire routine, keep a tight core, your body straight from head to toe without arching your back.

Wrap your exercise up with a quick run or skipping session. Stay comfortable in the Zelocity sweat-wicking jacket while you get your heart racing. This cardio boost will leave you energized for the festivities. Skipping is a very efficient way to burn calories and reduce belly fat because it strengthens the core muscles and tightens the abdominal area.

Now that you’re done with your routine, it’s time to treat yourself to some healthy yet delish post-workout smoothies.

As the Diwali season approaches, it’s time to embrace a fitness routine that complements your inner and outer glow. Zivame’s range of activewear isn’t just about style and comfort—it’s your perfect partner as you conquer your workout goals. This ABC workout routine isn’t just about shedding bloating; it’s a way to feel amazing inside out. So, get ready to rock those festive outfits with a confident stride!

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