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Tareen Dermatology give back to charity through Ramadan cosmetic events

Tareen Dermatology give back to charity through Ramadan cosmetic events

During the holy month of Ramadan, Dr Mohiba Tareen and her Tareen Dermatology cosmetic team proudly hosted a series of impactful cosmetic events every Saturday. The events were a testament to the spirit of giving back and making a difference in the community during Ramadan.

All proceeds generated from the cosmetic events were generously donated to charity organisations, including the Light of Hope Cancer Foundation, Community Action Centre, The BeliEve Foundation, The Open Door Pantry, and FAJR Scientific.

About each organisation:

  1. Light of Hope Cancer Foundation: Led by a volunteer board of doctors, Light of Hope provides support no matter what type of cancer a patient has - with a focus on patients diagnosed with cancer in the Faribault and Rice County area. This organisation is near and dear to the hearts of Tareen Dermatology with having had a clinic in Faribault, MN for over 10 years.

  2. Community Action Centre: Located in Faribault, Minnesota, CAC provides opportunities for community members to stand in solidarity with their neighbours. Many CAC programs are led by volunteers who are passionate about needs like feminine hygiene, school supplies and environmental sustainability. Community Action Centre distributes 1.2 million pounds of food annually through 27,000+ visits to their food shelf annually. We are honoured to support this organisation in the community of one of our established clinics.

  3. The BeliEve Foundation: The BeliEve Foundation helps grieving families in Minnesota facing hardship after the death of their child by providing immediate and practical financial assistance and partnering with other organisations to offer ongoing emotional support and healing.

  4. The Open Door Pantry: The Open Door is a hunger relief organisation dedicated to ending local hunger through access to healthy food. Through its collective programs, The Open Door serves more than 15,000 Dakota County residents each month, and distributes over 3 million pounds of food annually, 70% of which is fresh and/or perishable. Clients are able to access healthy food choices through a fixed-site food pantry in Eagan. We came to know this organisation after opening a location in Eagan, MN and are committed to supporting that community.

  5. FAJR Scientific: FAJR Scientific is a team of highly trained US doctors who are currently travelling to Gaza with the support of the WHO to perform surgeries on patients affected by the war. This charitable organisation holds a special place at Tareen Dermatology, as it was established 25 years ago by the father of one of our physicians, Dr. Jasmine Saleh, who is a Dermatopathologist at Tareen Dermatology.

These donations aimed to support Tareen Dermatology's patient communities and provide assistance to those in need during the sacred month of Ramadan. By choosing Tareen Dermatology for their cosmetic procedures, patients not only achieve their aesthetic goals but also contribute to the well-being of those in need.

Ramadan, a time of reflection, spiritual growth, and generosity, served as the perfect backdrop for Tareen Dermatology's philanthropic endeavours. By organising these events and contributing to charitable causes, Tareen Dermatology exemplified the values of compassion and altruism that are central to the essence of the holiday.

The Tareen Dermatology community's overwhelming support and participation in the Cosmetic Filler Events made them a resounding success, further highlighting the impact of coming together to give back during Ramadan. Dr. Tareen, founder of Tareen Dermatology, expressed her gratitude to the community for their support in making the Ramadan Charity Filler Events a success. She emphasised the significance of giving back to the community and spreading joy and hope to those facing challenges.

About Tareen Dermatology

Tareen Dermatology is a leading dermatology clinic dedicated to providing exceptional skin care services and treatments. With a commitment to patient care and community outreach, Tareen Dermatology strives to make a positive impact on the lives of individuals through innovative dermatological solutions and philanthropic initiatives.

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