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Slay the season with Colorbar’s Lip Oils – your ultimate lip care fantasy!

As winter wraps us in its cool embrace, the quest for the perfect hydration partners takes flight! Behold the magic! Your lips, too, deserve a royal dose of nourishment and moisture, a delightful escape from the winter chill. Enter the key to unlocking the seasonal magic – Colorbar’s Lip Oils. These transcend ordinary lip products, and are our lips’ best buddies for the season, ready to shower them with care and style while you’re on the go! What’s more exciting is that the range boasts a distinctive pH formula in a transparent hue, interacting uniquely with your natural lip colour to craft a statement shade that echoes ‘YOU’!

Imagine a dreamy elixir that not only caresses your lips but also leaves behind a stunning tint that steals the limelight effortlessly! Priced at INR 750, Colorbar’s Lip Oil range unveils four enchanting variants. Whether you crave a rosy pink embrace, the serenity of lavender and lilac hues, the invigorating kick of minty green, or the uniquely ‘YOU’ lustre on the lips, Colorbar’s Lip Oils have got you covered!

Yet, these nurturing BFFs have more in store! Enriched with a delightful fusion of cherry, jojoba, Kakadu, Vitamin E, and avocado oil, these lip oils go beyond mere nourishment. They transport your lips into a realm of radiant beauty, embodying the epitome of glamour-meets-care. Colorbar’s Lip Oils offer a luxurious experience unmatched by any other, leaving your lips with a lush, fuller pout in just one effortless swipe.

Discover the magic at any Colorbar store nearby or seize these wonders at With Colorbar’s Lip Oils, it’s not merely lip care – it’s a bewitching lip affair!

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