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Online sales of luggage products increased more than 100%: Unicommerce

~ Resurgence in travel, emergence of D2C brands driving growth ~

The online sales of luggage and bags has surged more than 100% during the first half of 2023, as compared to sales volumes in the equivalent period last year. While the volumes grew more than 100%, GMV grew over 150% during the same period. The insights were shared by Unicommerce, one of India’s leading e-commerce enablement SaaS platforms, on the basis of transactions conducted on the platform.

Most of India’s prominent luggage brands, including VIP, Safari Bags and Mokobara are served by Unicommerce. According to Unicommerce, a combination of factors, including a resurgence in leisure and business travel, heightened consumer trust in online channels, and the emergence of several D2C brands is contributing to the rapid growth in the luggage category.

Amongst the items in greater demand are duffles and rucksacks, catering to short-trip enthusiasts and gym-goers. Additionally, medium and cabin-sized luggage remains highly popular among consumers. Furthermore, shoppers are showing keen interest in baggage accessories such as luggage tags, neck pillows, luggage weight scales, and toiletry bags.

One of India’s largest luggage bags & backpacks company Safari, has been associated with Unicommerce since 2022. Safari serves customers across the entire country through a range of popular marketplaces as well as its own brand site.

Speaking about enhancing their online business Mr Deepak Bartwal, VP Supply Chain Management from Safari Industries Limited said, “Safari has been serving its customers since 1974. With ecommerce taking an important role in today’s world, Safari has been driving its online vertical to reach a wider audience. We are glad to partner with Unicommerce as our technology platform to automate our ecommerce operations as we continue to offer an exceptional shopping experience to our customers.”

New-age D2C travel & lifestyle brand Mokobara has quickly emerged as a leading name in the luggage and travel accessories industry with its extensive product line and has been using Unicommerce’s platform since 2022. The brand is processing an average of over 15,000 order items in a month through its website and across marketplaces.

Talking about the fast-growth of the brand, Rumman Rizvi, Head of Brand and Customer Experience at Mokobara said, “Our footprint now extends throughout India, driven by a growing demand for premium travel accessories that deliver on both great design and functionality. In our unwavering focus on delivering an effortless shopping journey for our community, Unicommerce has effectively addressed our supply chain challenges.”

Kapil Makhija, CEO of Unicommerce, expressed the platform’s involvement in the segment, stating, “We have continually enhanced our products to meet the specific requirements of this sector. For instance, given that luggage products often require larger shipping labels and are frequently sold in combos, we have ensured that our platform automates shipping label sizing for every order and facilitates easy bundling of orders.”

The rising popularity of luggage and related items on online platforms and brand websites is an indicator of both buyers and sellers reposing their faith in the online discovery and purchase experience. Unicommcerce, with an integrated range of SaaS solutions helps brands and platforms streamline their operations, handle inventory efficiently and offer a superior customer experience.

Disclaimer: The aforesaid analysis is based on orders processed by Unicommerce eSolutions Private Limited (“Company”) and, may not be indicative of actual trends of industry, and are subject to external factors beyond the control of the Company. The information in this report does not constitute financial advice (nor investment, tax, accounting or legal advice), and recipient shall rely on its independent assessment of industry outlook. Past performance information in this report should not be relied upon as an indication of (and is not an indicator of) future performance of any of the products or categories

About Unicommerce

Unicommerce powers post-purchase experience for brands, marketplaces, and fulfillment providers. The platform has been deployed by e-commerce retail companies, traditionally offline brands, D2C brands, brand aggregator firms, fulfillment service providers, 3PLs, and marketplaces. The company has built a strong presence in India and has also expanded to international geographies and is serving clients in the Middle East (UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) and Southeast Asia (Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines).

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