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MMTC-PAMP unveils the perfect gift for this wedding season; 999.9 purest Gold & Silver, king and

Celebrating and honoring India’s rich and traditional history, MMTC-PAMP, India’s only London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) Good Delivery gold & silver refinery, has introduced its special edition of exquisitely crafted 999.9 purity gold and silver coins which feature 3D embossed King & Queen designs. Gifting a ‘Guinea’ has been a tradition in India and is predominantly associated with Indian weddings, the parents give the coins to immediate family members and guests. These coins are a symbol of blessings and are a commemorative gifting option this wedding season. The coins feature high relief portrayals of a King and Queen on a mirror-finished coin and are now available at Kanakratna Exim Pvt. Ltd. and Shah MAVJI TOMAJI & sons known across Mumbai for their wide range of jewelry and high standards of quality in gold and silver products. Celebrating the rich and diverse history of India, these coins are exquisitely crafted with Swiss Craftsmanship and etched with the faces of royalty from across cultures. 

Speaking on the launch, Vikas Singh, Managing Director, and CEO, MMTC-PAMP said, “At MMTC-PAMP, we continuously strive to promote and embrace the rich culture of India, therefore this wedding season we bring special edition Vivaah gold & silver coins for our customers. The King & Queen coins are crafted to the highest standards using the latest Swiss technology to meet the requirements of Indian consumers. These coins come in specialized packaging making them ideal for gifting and blessing for your loved ones with the purity of 999.9.”

Indians have always had a glittering love affair with gold and silver. These coins have been crafted to cater to the ever-rising demands of consumers. Gifting gold & silver coins are usual but gifting MMTC-PAMP coins adds an extra edge over other available coins. To ensure the product’s authenticity, each MMTC-PAMP product carries a unique number and comes packaged in a certified with the signature of an Assayer. Each gold and silver product bought from MMTC-PAMP offers positive weight and purity balance, which guarantees that every coin or bar you buy weighs more than the listed weight, ensuring customers get the highest value for their investment. All products come with MMTC-PAMP’s stamp of authenticity and deliver on the promise of 999.9 + purity and are crafted to the highest standards using the latest Swiss technology. The products are also available at


A joint venture between Switzerland-based bullion brand, PAMP SA, and MMTC Ltd, a Government of India Undertaking, MMTC-PAMP seamlessly marries Swiss excellence with Indian insights. MMTC-PAMP India Pvt. Ltd. is internationally recognized as an industry leader in bringing global standards of excellence to the Indian precious metals industry. We have received several awards since our inception from local and global industry bodies for the transparency and sustainability that we rigorously uphold in our sourcing, refining, and supply of precious metals in the Indian market. MMTC-PAMP is the only LBMA-accredited Gold & Silver refinery in India and is accepted across global commodity exchanges and central banks. 

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