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Manifest with the cosmic powers of Colorbar’s vegan nail lacquers

Amidst the daily beauty escapade, our nails have been stealing the spotlight – and we’re loving every moment! While they effortlessly elevate our look to new heights, let’s dream a little bigger! What if our nails not only stole the show but also swayed to the celestial beats of the universe?

Introducing Colorbar’s newest nail kit – a cosmic joyride featuring seven stunning hues, meticulously crafted to sprinkle your days with celestial positivity. From the dreamy tranquillity of the Moon to the radiant glow of the Sun and an exciting celestial parade in between, we’re not just talking about an upgrade for your nails, we’re inviting you to indulge in a daily burst of cosmic elegance that’ll empower you to conquer each day in style.

So, dear beauties, get ready for a week filled with stellar magic – because your nails are about to tell a captivating tale within the whole wide universe!

Monday: Embrace the Moonlit Serenity with White

Ease into the week with the serene touch of white. The colour of the Moon exudes a calming influence that will gracefully guide you while setting the tone for a harmonious and tranquil week ahead.

Tuesday: Match Mars’ Bold Symphony with Peach

On Tuesdays, let the bold rhythm of Mars course through you as you paint your nails in peach. Mars has your back, giving you the confidence to speak up and conquer whatever comes your way. Meetings, presentations – it’s time to bring it on!

Wednesday: Gleam in Mercury’s Playful Brilliance with Green

Midweek blues call for a burst of green, perfectly in sync with Mercury’s playful spirit. It’s the day to take center stage by cracking a few jokes and, getting those good vibes flowing!

Thursday: Bask in Jupiter’s Luck with Yellow

Dress yourself in the golden glow of yellow on Thursdays to invite the energy of Jupiter. It’s a day to let the planet send a dose of good fortune, success, and maybe a surprise or two. With yellow, Thursday just got upgraded for you!

Friday: Charm Your Way to Love with Venus in Pink

As the weekend calls, allow the romantic vibes of Venus to influence your choice of pink! It might just be the moment to cast a spell of irresistible charm on your crush! Could this be the beginning of a weekend filled with enchanting love stories and the promise of a happily ever after?

Saturday: Reap the Rewards of Hard Work with Saturn in Blue

On Saturdays, let the planet Saturn guide you! Wear blue to witness the fruition of your hard work with karma by your side and adorn in the successes of your life!

Sunday: Bask in the Sun’s Glow in Red

Wrap up the week in style with a splash of red. The Sun’s cheering you on – it’s all good vibes, great company, and the perfect energy boost for another magical week ahead.

So, forget the ordinary and let the mystical magic of Colorbar be your weekly mood lifter. Adorn a different hue each day for a magical transformation that not only slays but elevates your beauty. Because, after all, your week should be as fabulous as your nails!

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