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Inside the design story of your favourite lingerie collections by Zivame

Let’s take you inside the world of fabric and design where we weave magical lingerie collection tales. Here we will unveil hidden narratives and artistic inspirations that have birthed your most cherished intimate wear collections. From the lace used as the inspiration to the colours, get ready to dive into the realm of design creativity, technical tailoring, and an eye for prints, patterns, and magic that adorns your favourite lingerie pieces.

Coral Glaze

Ever wondered what the magical world of the ocean floor unexplored, untainted by the world above feels like? The Coral Glaze collection draws its inspiration from this undiscovered freshness. Picture this: a super intricate all-over jacquard lace taking cues from the stunning coral reefs, in rich maroon, and fresh pistachio green hues. And oh, the details! Shiny elastic and gold trims for that glam factor. This collection brings to life the beauty of underwater life, where each piece is unusual, diverse, and textural.

From Padded Wired to strapless stunners, and the comfiest Padded Non-wired beauties with pretty backs, we’ve got the classic Bikini and Hipster Panties too, because who can resist those? We’re wrapping things up with a dreamy babydoll set that’s like the cherry on top of this underwater sundae. So, get ready to soak up the charm and dive into Coral Glaze awesomeness!


The Primrose Collection is an ode to romance, elegance, and sensuality. Crafted from two-tone lace, it’s a celebration that leaves you feeling fabulous and makes you embrace playfulness. Lavender and deep wine hues contrast beautifully, adorned with scalloped edge strap elastics and a charming bow.

From Padded Wired to Strapless and Padded Non-wired with pretty backs, every style exudes confidence and charm. Complete with a romantic, playful babydoll set, Primrose Lingerie is your go-to for feminine chic.

Bohemian Blooms

Embark on a journey to paradise with our Bohemian Blooms Collection, where joy and artistic expression intertwine in every thread. Inspired by the beauty of nature’s canvas in Bali, the enlarged floral pattern differentiates it from the usual botanical blooms printed lingerie.

Crafted from stretch mesh fabric in colours such as purple magic, candy pink, and yellow, each piece feels as light as a dream. The double bows further add a touch of whimsy. With Padded Wired and Non-Wired T-shirt Bras that perfectly shape and lift, along with Push-up T-shirt Bras and coordinating Hipster Panties, you’ll be enveloped in comfort and style. Welcome to the world of Bohemian Blooms, where nature’s palette meets the artistry of lingerie.

And there you have it, a sneak peek behind the curtains of your beloved lingerie collection! From the first stroke of inspiration to the delicate details that adorn each piece, it’s clear that these creations are more than just fabric and lace – they’re a symphony of imagination and craftsmanship.

So the next time you slip into your favourite set, remember that you’re not just wearing lingerie, you’re donning a piece of art that’s been woven with passion and care.

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