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Chefs at Ashok Hotel join hands with home bakers for the Christmas cake mixing

As we dive into the season of savouring plum cakes, gingerbread and some mulled wine, The Ashok, New Delhi kicked off the festive spirit with a cake-mixing event, featuring a unique mix of home bakers as well as makers. Mr M R Synrem, IAS, Managing Director of ITDC, brought his vibrant energy to the event, actively engaging in the activities and uplifting everyone’s festive spirits.

With the scent of cinnamon floating through the air and hands decked in gloves, the chefs along with the home bakers together tossed glazed red cherries, nuts, raisins, spices, and more. After the delightful cake mixing session, attendees engaged in a hands-on DIY experience with Patisserie, Chef Prajit P Kumar, showcasing their cake decoration skills. The hotel is charged up with festive vibes and will be coming up with a special Christmas menu featuring an array of classic dishes and desserts, ensuring extra touch of festivity to elevate the celebration.

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