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Camping bliss: Your guide to a cozy Republic Day weekend under the stars

Camping bliss: Your guide to a cozy Republic Day weekend under the stars

With Republic Day just around the corner, why not celebrate it in a unique way, that is, under the stars, surrounded by nature? An excellent way to make the most of your extended weekend is by going on a fantastic camping adventure. However, it could turn into a less-than-memorable trip if you’re not equipped with the proper camping gear. So in order to make your camping adventure unforgettable, we’ve got the ultimate guide for a cozy and memorable camping trip so that you don’t have to worry about other things except from just enjoying the beauty of mother nature.

A Dynamic Torch

Gear up for camping adventure with the DL90 Unicorn Torch from Eveready – a compact, affordable, and rechargeable flashlight. Illuminate your adventures with its 1W beam and 2W emergency side light, offering up to 3 hours of torch lighting and 6 hours in dim mode for the side light. Fast-charge in just 3.5 hours, and enjoy overcharge protection, deep discharge protection, and ECT technology. Choose from stylish dark grey or yellow at Rs. 199/-, making it the go-to choice for a versatile and budget-friendly camping companion.

Trekking Shoes

As a trekking essential, the Campus Nitroboost range is the ideal companion for your outdoor adventures. It not only epitomizes innovation and style but also embodies the essence of comfort and performance. What sets these shoes apart is the integration of Air Turbo Technology, a game-changer for long walks in the wilderness. This innovative tech maintains optimal foot freshness, keeping you comfortable during extended treks with its ingenious air circulation system embedded in the sole.

Sleeping Bag

An absolute essential when it comes to camping. A durable sleeping bag is the perfect fit for enjoying a cozy and comfortable camping adventure. Temperatures can drop significantly in the night while you’re gazing the stars and trying to catch a cozy nap under the night sky. The sleeping bag will also help you in keeping away the unwanted insects which are mostly active during the night.

First Aid Kit

An absolute essential when it comes to undertaking any adventurous activity. A long day while camping can result in small cuts and scrapes that requires bandaging and that is exactly why this is our absolute camping essential. Small cuts and scrapes can become infected if left untreated, therefore one must keep bandages and antiseptic in hand. Your first aid kit should include other necessities as well: scissors, adhesive, gauze, soap, a CPR mouth barrier and an emergency whistle.

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