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Blue Lizard Effect: New documentary explores what makes Aruba the happiest island in the world

Today, the One Happy Island of Aruba is announcing the new documentary series – Blue Lizard Effect. The limited-series documentary aims to bring viewers along on an adventure with actor Jason Silva as he discovers that happiness is fundamentally tied to nature and community. Produced by the Aruba Tourism Authority and Pacifista Films, the documentary will air globally on different channels and platforms this month.

Most famous for his role in Brain Games and Origins, Silva will take viewers on an adventure, exploring the island through its four natural elements: water, fire, air and land. Silva will be accompanied by 12 local Arubans as they guide him through the island, confronting his deepest fears. Throughout the four episodes, Silva will persevere and conquer these challenges by leaning into Aruba's nature, culture, flavours and traditions.

"Blue Lizard Effect gives viewers an authentic, inside look at what makes Aruba One happy island and how the island impacts Aruban's way of life, from their happiness to their community," said Ronella Croes, CEO of the Aruba Tourism Authority. "For Arubans, this series tells our story and why we are proud to be One happy island - welcoming everyone to come see what makes this island so special."

Blue Lizard Effect was directed by Colombian filmmaker Juan Sebastian Mesa, previously nominated at international festivals including Sundance, Cannes Film Festival and San Sebastián International Film Festival in Cartagena. The docuseries was produced by Pacifista Film's Juan Manuel Peña, CEO of the production studio and Executive Producer of Blue Lizard Effect.

About Aruba

As one of the most revisited Caribbean destinations, Aruba is home to world-class beaches, a diverse culinary scene, top-rated rejuvenating wellness experiences and award-winning hotels and villas. Better known as the One Happy Island, Aruba's consistently sunny weather and welcoming hospitality are only parts of what makes the island so special. The island leaves travellers with an overwhelming sense of happiness, sending them off with a glow that never fades – we call it the Aruba Effect.

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