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Ascent Strategy Group, the first agency founded to fuel the Digital Health revolution, introduces the industry's first communications tools to guide healthcare's transformation

Pioneering public relations agency develops first methodologies to support digital health adoption, produce next-level health storytelling, and promote clinical research

Ascent Strategy Group, the first agency founded to fuel the Digital Health revolution, introduces the industry's first communications tools to guide healthcare's transformation

Ascent Strategy Group, the first public relations agency founded to fuel the digital health revolution, today introduced the industry's first marketing and communications tools created to guide healthcare's transformation. With its mission to advance health equity, Ascent Strategy Group is developing new disciplines to support adoption of digital health solutions including telehealth, remote patient monitoring, medical robotics, quantum computing, and artificial intelligence in healthcare.

"I founded this agency to power the digital transformation of healthcare and advance health equity. Nearly a third of Americans don't have access to a primary care provider – that's more than 100 million people. There is a staffing shortage in healthcare and medical professionals are impacted by epidemic levels of burnout. We are providing the strategic communications support for digital health adoption to help expand access and improve the quality of care," said Ascent Strategy Group Founder and CEO John Digles.

"As the first agency to specialise in digital health, we are gaining valuable insights and noting the need for new protocols to set best-in-class standards for marketing and communications. Our AscenTrio™ suite of tools is designed to embed strategic structure and message discipline in core category growth vehicles so we can help our clients lead, listen, and learn," said Digles.

The agency's AscenTrio™ suite of tools to guide healthcare's transformation includes:

  • Digital Health IQ™, a proprietary AI-supported communications algorithm that gauges medical professional perspectives and patient feedback and calculates those inputs with analysis of online community insights and clinical research to determine a data-driven approach to foster adoption of digital health technologies, proactively address misperceptions, and anticipate misinformation risk.

  • StoryRise™, a structured creative approach, rooted in strategy, to provide healthcare companies with a lane to reset, refresh, and foster connections with key audiences. Next-level storytelling in healthcare sets a path for broader mission awareness, deeper audience engagement, and purposeful digital transformation.

  • Poster Session™, a proprietary methodology to promote research so it matters to the medical professionals, patient communities, and consumer groups who matter most. Clinical research is a valuable asset that illustrates diligence and independent proof points of a product or technology's core benefits.

Founded by Digles, an award-winning chief marketing officer and communications innovator, Ascent Strategy Group launched at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show as a first-of-its-kind healthtech agency for digital health. The firm is evolving practice areas and developing emerging disciplines at the zeitgeist of wellness culture, online conversation, and health system needs to support global health brands, pioneering startups, digital health services, medical device makers, life science endeavors, and food-as-medicine ventures.

Over the last decade, Digles played a key role in reshaping the medical technology market by designing transformative campaigns – including several honored Campaign of the Year – to introduce influential firsts in heart health technologies, wearables, and electrocardiogram (ECG) innovations along with initiatives to address health disparities. His programs drove adoption of remote patient monitoring, dental lasers, virtual health coaches, and mobile apps for chronic condition management.

Ascent Strategy Group offers clients a full suite of services, from reinvention and reputation management to strategic planning, partnerships, narrative, marketing communications, culture tapping, thought leadership, social media, influencer marketing, research, creative, and digital marketing.

Ascent Strategy Group is reinventing the agency model to provide clients with deeper subject matter expertise, collaboration with key opinion leaders, and higher return-on-investment. "Budget optimisation is a priority for us. Being a good partner means being committed to the best results and providing smart budget counsel to achieve them," said Digles.

"We think differently, listen actively, and compete relentlessly," said Digles.

About Ascent Strategy Group

Ascent Strategy Group is the first agency of its kind founded to fuel the digital health revolution and dedicated to establishing communications protocols for AI in healthcare and other emerging medical technologies. The agency is home to accomplished practitioners and the first tools offered in the public relations industry to guide healthcare's transformation. Ascent Strategy Group provides a full suite of services, from reinvention and reputation management to thought leadership, marketing communications, social media, and influencer marketing. The agency is a member of the Coalition for Health AI and the Society for Health Communication.

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