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#AloneNotLonely: How technology is positively transforming Valentine's Day & mental health for singles

Premium adult streaming platform LiveJasmin pledges to combat loneliness and celebrate singles' well-being, with technology marking a new frontier of sexual and emotional fulfilment.

#AloneNotLonely: How technology is positively transforming Valentine's Day & mental health for singles

For too long being single on Valentine's Day has borne the pressure of a social stigma. However, millions of people choose to be alone, finding empowerment in their independence. Moreover, the number of singles is quickly rising; almost half of young adults are single and an estimated 2.1 billion individuals worldwide are uncommitted.

In 2024, our needs and desires are different: 72% of millennials choose to be single. In an age of technology, being alone needn't mean you're lonely, even on Valentine's Day. Online streaming platforms become a trusted partner for many, for various reasons.

Recent research conducted by the Kinsey Institute and LiveJasmin has found that:

  • 85% of users feel cam models help to fulfil their emotional needs and 88% come to the platform for much more than sexual fulfilment

  • Many turn to online streaming platforms to relieve anxiety, stress, build connections and improve their mental health. 1 in 4 report getting similar benefits from the site as going to therapy. 

  • 87% of singles want freedom to do whatever they want

  • 89% of singles choose not to date because they believe they aren't good at flirting

  • 75% of singles say they are too picky

Modern emotions mean modern connections and singles are finding that technology offers them a convenient, and often more satisfying, alternative both on and following Valentine's Day.

It's not only about safe, convenient Valentine's Day sex. Although, as health-conscious Gen Zs are having less casual sex than previous generations, this is a big motivation. Through LiveJasmin, singles can discover a pathway to connection, fun, self-confidence, friendship, and more.

Cam model Caroline says, "Valentine's Day is always busy. I wear red and celebrate with my users. I make everyone feel special, loved, and appreciated, enjoying wonderful, intimate moments with lots of singles – and even couples who are looking to spice up their celebrations. I'm here to make sure no one feels alone or dissatisfied."

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