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Sony India unveils ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S wireless microphones redefining portability in content creation

Sony India unveils ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S wireless microphones redefining portability in content creation

Expanding its microphone portfolio, Sony India today introduced the ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S wireless microphones. These cutting-edge microphones combine high quality sound capture with a lightweight design. With the ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S models, Sony empowers video content creators with the ability to achieve superior audio recording across various shooting scenarios.

The ECM-W3 has a two-channel receiver and two microphones and the ECM-W3S has a one-channel receiver and one microphone. Both the ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S are perfect for video content creators who work in a wide range of shooting scenarios such as Vlogs and interviews, where it allows you to easily record high-quality voices even when you are shooting away from the camera.

The ECM-W3 wireless microphone is an ideal solution for interviews and one-on-one conversations and the ECM-W3S microphone excels in capturing clear and articulate user voices for vloggers and video contents creators with a focus on delivering a natural organic sound. These microphones ensure exceptional sound pickup while effectively reducing noise. In addition to Multi-Interface (MI) Shoe compatibility with Sony cameras, compatibility is further enhanced through a USB Type-C® terminal and 3.5mm audio output which enables connections with a range of devices equipped with USB terminal and 3.5mm audio input such as cameras, smartphone, and PC etc. The microphone also comes equipped with a convenient charging case, allowing for hassle-free portability.

Sony's ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S microphones embody the brand's commitment to innovation and excellence. With these new offerings, Sony continues to push the boundaries of audio technology, empowering creators to achieve remarkable sound quality across various content creation avenues.

1. Achieves high-quality sound pickup with reduced noise

The ECM-W3 consists of a receiver and two microphones, and the ECM-W3S consists of a receiver and one microphone. Keeping both the design and sound quality in mind, Sony has achieved high-quality sound pickup with reduced noise. Equipped with a noise-cut filter that effectively reduces harsh noise with digital signal processing, and a low-cut filter that reduces unwanted low-frequency noise such as wind, air conditioning, and vibration noise. In addition, the included windscreen reduces the noise generated when strong wind or breath hits the microphone, making it possible to record clear audio with interference from the ambient environment. Working together, the filters and windscreen results in less noise removal processing during post-production.

When connected to a Sony camera equipped with the Multi-Interface (MI) shoe, the ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S receiver is compatible with a digital audio interface, and the camera can then directly record the audio signal output. This enables superb sound recording with minimal noise interference. In addition, it is equipped with a safety function that suppresses sound distortion at high volumes, and an attenuator function that manually reduces the sound during high-volume recording. Both the "ECM-W3" and "ECM-W3S" deliver low power consumption, low latency, and high sound quality with Bluetooth 5.3 (Bluetooth Low Energy) and LC3Plus codec.

2. Enhanced convenience through versatile connectivity

MI Shoe support enables greater flexibility with battery-free and cable-free shooting. Power is supplied directly from the camera to the receiver, so there is no need to worry about running out of battery. It also has a USB Type-C® terminal, so it is possible to output digital audio (48kHz/24bit) from the receiver to a USB-connected smartphone or PC. In addition, it is equipped with a 3.5mm mini jack (stereo) audio output terminal, ensuring compatibility with cameras, PCs, IC recorders, etc., that do not have an MI shoe. In addition, a terminal protection holder/stand for the multi-interface foot is included and can be used as a microphone stand when attaching the receiver to equipment other than a camera or attached to a smartphone clamp as an adapter with screw holes. Additionally, the microphone is equipped with a 3.5mm mini jack (monaural) which can be used as an external microphone input terminal. It can be used in combination with a lavalier microphone such as ECM-LV1, you are able to pick-up the subject’s voice while the microphone is hidden from view. The rechargeable microphone can be used continuously for up to 6 hours on a full charge.

3. Compact and lightweight, high portability with charging case included

The compact and lightweight microphone’s dimensions are 25.0mm x 52.5mm x 20.5mm (W/H/D) and weighs only 17g. The receiver is 32.0mm x 29.0mm x 50.0mm (W/H/D) and weighs 25g. Both the microphones and receivers can be used anywhere, anytime with ease. For added durability, the ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S are designed to be dustproof and moisture proof, which allows for worry-free outdoor usage. In addition, the lightweight and portable charging case makes it possible to charge while on the move.

Pricing and Availability

ECM-W3 and ECM-W3S will be available across all Sony Centers, Alpha Flagship stores, Sony authorized dealers, ecommerce websites (Amazon and Flipkart) and major electronic stores across India from 30th May 2024 onwards.



MRP (in INR)

Availability Date



30 May 2024 onwards



30 May 2024 onwards

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