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‘Scaler Topics’, a free learn-to-code platform aimed at democratizing tech education, ga

~ The platform continues to show over 50% month-over-month growth ~

With the significant uptick in demand for skilled professionals in the country, Scaler, one of India’s fastest-growing tech upskilling startups, recently launched ‘Scaler Topics’, a gamified free learn-to-code platform that can provide quality technical content for anyone interested in software-related subjects. Since its pilot launch five months ago, Scaler Topics currently witnesses a monthly average of 20 lakh users interacting with video courses from Scaler’s top instructors from top tech companies like Google, Facebook, etc., and reading articles written by tech veterans. The platform continues to show over 50% month-over-month growth.

The ‘Scaler Topics’ platform provides streamlined technical content across all fields related to tech, data science, and machine learning for individuals passionate about learning and building a career in many in-demand domains with assisted videos from mentors, even with no prior knowledge in their chosen field. In addition to the video courses, the platform provides a wide range of free material to software enthusiasts through interactive challenges, events, contests, and detailed article threads by industry experts. With gamification inherently built into the user experience, Scaler intends to provide an interactive platform of convenience for learners. Industry veterans with an in-depth understanding of the skills required for budding software professionals conduct regular masterclass sessions on various topics, including C++, Java, SQL, Data Science, Machine Learning and Python. The platform garners over 90 million monthly search impressions, seeing over 100,000 daily users. It hosts over 4500 articles created by industry experts, 25+ video courses from top Scaler Instructors who have been industry veterans, and 3000+ interactive challenges to learn and compete. Over 150,000 users have signed up for free courses on the Scaler Topics platform.

Abhimanyu Saxena, Co-founder, InterviewBit & Scaler, said, There is a daunting challenge to democratise tech education in the country. Over 2 million jobs in AI, cybersecurity and blockchains are expected to remain unfilled in 2023. Due to the inaccessibility of quality content, particularly coding skills in demand in the tech industry, it is essential to provide a comprehensive learning platform that is understandable even for a Class 10 student from any part of the country. It was our thought process behind developing Scaler Topics. Offering well-researched live sessions, ideated and conducted by industry experts having worked at top tech companies for free, is the first step in this direction. With this program, we want to broaden our horizon by making quality technical content available to any tech aspirants in any part of the country to receive the required support during their learning journey. Scaler Topics allows us to demonstrate key pillars of Scaler’s teaching philosophy: Structured curriculum, from people who have been there done that, high quality, comprehensiveness.”

Scaler had also recently launched a mobile app on Google Play Store called ‘Learn Programming-Scaler‘, a one-stop solution for a tech professional’s learning and upskilling needs, allowing learners to experience Scaler’s quality teaching, watch courses, read articles from the comfort of their mobile device as well. Scaler Topics content and other genres, including access to various upcoming regional events, provide an immersive learning experience by allowing users to learn on the go in their preferred medium. The company has also introduced Scaler coins, which can be earned by reading articles, solving coding challenges and multiple choice questions on topics that interest them. These coins can be redeemed for Scaler merchandise like t-shirts, mugs, diaries, top tech books, and scholarships for its Scaler Academy and Scaler Data Science & Machine Learning (DSML) courses.

Scaler has witnessed significant growth and progress in the last year, with the startup continuing to maintain a consistent month-over-month growth of 15 per cent. The edtech player achieved a $710 million valuation with a $55 million Series B funding, which helped Scaler focus on multiple key business areas. During the year, the startup forayed into the US market, launched first-of-its-kind co-living campuses, strengthened its leadership team, and launched a master’s program.

About Scaler:

Launched in 2019, Scaler is India’s leading edtech startup that upskills tech professionals. Scaler’s industry-vetted curriculum provides solutions to real-world challenges addressing the changing dynamics of the technology industry through two flagship programs – Scaler Academy and Scaler DSML. Scaler believes in creating real-life impact by focusing on ‘impact-driven’ tech talent. Enrolled learners are mentored and taught by leaders and subject matter experts working with leading organisations, including MAANG companies. Scaler has generated enviable career outcomes in a short period, and on average, its learners see a 4.5x RoI (return on investment) and salary hike of approximately 126%. To further redefine tech education, Scaler has launched Scaler Neovarsity, an online university that offers an outcome-focused Master’s Program accredited with ECTS. Scaler is also the only edtech player in the country to establish ‘Scalerverse’, a distributed campus to add to its Neovarsity vision for learners, teachers, and mentors, encouraging holistic learning and development. Scaler Enterprise is the B2B arm that focuses on building relationships with domestic and global organisations to provide them with industry-ready talent. Over 600 companies have worked with Scaler for their tech recruitment needs. The startup’s parent firm, InterviewBit, is featured on the Financial Times Asia Pacific High Growth Companies 2021 and 2022 ranking. Scaler is backed by marquee global investors like Sequoia Capital India, Tiger Global, and Lightrock India and has expanded its footprints across India and US.


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