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Intent to Hire for IT Skills in Services and Manufacturing clusters robust in Q1 

  1. Sales & Marketing continue to be in-demand profiles across sectors

  2. In Services Sectors: Engineering emerges as a key in-demand profile

Despite the ongoing turmoil in the global IT sector, and the muted outlook from the IT industry within the country, technology adoption by other industries across sectors has resulted in the creation of new job opportunities and an increase in the demand for skilled tech professionals in the services sector. Several service industries have seen the IT function emerge as the most sought-after profile, according to the TeamLease Services Employment Outlook Report for the April to June quarter. Manufacturing, on the other hand, has seen a spike in demand for marketing profiles. Nearly 78% of employers in the services sector and 56% of employers in the Manufacturing, Engineering and Infrastructure sector have expressed an intent to hire for IT skills and marketing roles, respectively. Overall, across profiles, an increase of 10% can be seen in employers’ hiring intentions in both Services (83%) and Manufacturing (95%) industries compared to Q1 of 2022.

In addition to IT, other popular job profiles in the services sector include sales (83%) and marketing (63%). On the other hand, sales (95%) and engineering (80%) are popular in the manufacturing industry. Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Information Technology have the highest demand for roles in the services industry. On the other hand, Manufacturing, Engineering & Infrastructure, Agriculture and Agrochemicals, and Power & Energy, are in high demand in the manufacturing industry. In addition, in both the Services and Manufacturing sectors, the intent to hire for the marketing functional area has increased slightly by 3% and 2% respectively in the quarter.

Sharing his views, Mr. Mayur Taday, Chief Business Officer, TeamLease Services, said, The increasing demand for IT skills and Marketing roles is a testament to the transformative impact of emerging technologies such as 5G in the telecom industry, and the importance of upskilling in meeting the evolving needs of the job market. The confluence of emerging technologies is driving the demand for tech roles in non-tech sectors. With the advent of new technologies and an ever-increasing reliance on digital platforms, organizations across sectors are looking to hire a talented workforce to stay ahead of the curve”.

Adding his views, Mr. Balasubramanian A, Vice President and Business Head, TeamLease Services said, “India’s manufacturing segment has witnessed massive transformation over the last decade. The advent of technology, and the introduction of initiatives like the PLI scheme is boosting employment generation and fostering a dynamic and competitive economy that drives growth and innovation. Marketing professionals, sales professionals, and engineers are extensively in demand, and this will continue to be in vogue in the coming quarters as well”.

The majority of the talent across segments is being deployed in entry and junior-level domains.

The TeamLease Employment Outlook Report reports forward-looking statistics for ‘Intent to Hire’ for April to June 2023, for both Manufacturing (8 sectors) and Services sectors (15 sectors), in total surveying 809 small, medium, and large companies.

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