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Justdial reports a surge in demand for water services, Bengaluru and Hyderabad top the charts

Justdial reports a surge in demand for water services, Bengaluru and Hyderabad top the charts
  • A 101% and 56% surge in water tanker-related searches in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, respectively.

  • Significant rise in searches for water-related services in Pune (31%), Mumbai (11%), Ahmedabad (7%), Chennai (6%), Delhi (3%), and Kolkata (3%)

  • The most sought-after categories included water tank dealers, drinking water tanker suppliers, water tank repairs & services, and water tank cleaning services


As the world grapples with the ongoing climate crisis, Justdial, India's no.1 Hyper-local business search engine, unveils alarming consumer trends, shedding light on the exacerbating water scarcity issue in urban areas across the country. The nation's struggle with this issue stems from a severe mismatch between its limited water resources and a rapidly growing population. The findings from the latest Justdial Consumer Trends Report underscore the pressing need for immediate action to address the looming water crisis.


A report by Niti Aayog predicts a bleak future, stating that 20 major Indian cities are on the brink of severe water scarcity, with an estimated 40% decline in freshwater availability by 2030. The recent El Nino phenomenon has further compounded the issue, leaving a significant portion of the country reeling under severe drought conditions. The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has also issued warnings of a hotter and drier summer this year, attributing it to the El Niño effect.


The Justdial Consumer Trends Report reveals startling statistics, indicating a substantial surge in water-related searches in key urban areas. Bengaluru and Hyderabad experienced a 101% and 56% increase, respectively, in consumer queries related to water resources, suggesting that these two major metropolises are severely impacted by water scarcity. In other major cities like Pune (31%), Mumbai (11%), Ahmedabad (7%), Chennai (6%), Delhi (3%), and Kolkata (3%), there is a significant rise in searches for water-related services as well.


Among the most searched categories on the Justdial platform were water tank dealers, drinking water tanker suppliers, water tank repairs & services, and water tank cleaning services, reflecting the growing concern among consumers regarding water availability and quality.


As Justdial data suggests, water tanker businesses with a digital presence saw a surge in demand during the past quarter. This highlights the growing importance of online visibility for such vendors. By embracing the digital landscape, traditional water tanker suppliers can tap into a wider customer base and streamline their operations. This not only benefits their business but also ensures residents have easier access to this essential service, particularly during periods of water scarcity.


The ramifications of inadequate water supply extend far beyond mere inconvenience. It poses a direct threat to societal stability and economic prosperity. Rapid urbanisation, climate change, and inadequate infrastructure have exacerbated water shortages in cities nationwide. The repercussions include heightened public health risks due to waterborne diseases and strain on healthcare systems.


To address these challenges, the government has initiated policy-led interventions for effective water management at the village or district level, as per the Niti Aayog report. The success story of the ‘Drink from Tap Mission’ in Puri city (Odisha) presents a viable model that can be exemplified as a replicable model. This mission's core features include the Right to Water policy, relaxed house connection norms, and reduced non-revenue water through 100% metering and volumetric metering. Additionally, leveraging information technology with smart metering facilitates data capture for informed decision-making by water management authorities.


By understanding these consumer trends, policymakers, businesses, and individuals can work collaboratively to devise solutions for water conservation and ensure a sustainable future. Justdial remains committed to raising awareness about critical issues and continues to support initiatives aimed at fostering positive societal change and sustainable development.


About Just Dial Limited

Just Dial Limited provides local search related services to users in India through multiple platforms such as Desktop/PC website, mobile site, mobile apps (Android & iOS), over the telephone (Voice, pan India number 88888-88888) and text (SMS). Justdial’s latest version of JD App, is an All-in-One App, replete with features like Map-aided Search, Live TV, Videos, Stock quotes, etc. to make the life of the consumer infinitely smoother & more engaging.

The Company has recently launched its B2B marketplace platform, JD Mart. JD Mart platform, available at and via apps on Play Store and App Store, is aimed at enabling millions of India’s manufacturers, distributors, wholesalers, retailers to become internet-ready in post-COVID era, get new customers and sell their products online. The platform offers digital product catalogues to businesses and aims at digitalising India’s businesses, especially MSMEs, across categories. Buyers can discover quality vendors offering a wide selection of products to choose from, spread across millions of categories to suit all B2B needs.

Justdial has also initiated transaction-oriented services for its users. These services aim at making several day-to-day tasks conveniently actionable and accessible to users from one App. With this step, Justdial is transitioning from being purely a provider of local search and related information to being a direct/ indirect enabler of such transactions. Justdial has also recently launched an end-to-end business management solution for SMEs, through which it intends to transition thousands of SMEs to efficiently run business online and have their adequate online presence via their own website, mobile site. Apart from this, Justdial has also launched JD Pay, a unique solution for quick digital payments for its users and vendors.

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