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Dip your fingers in pastel magic! Say hello to Colorbar’s Joyful Tones Vegan Nail Lacquers

Imagine a dreamlike, pastel world filled with joy and colors. A spectrum of candy-like colors is painted on everything you love. And your nails! Introducing Colorbar’s latest Joyful Tones Vegan Nail Lacquers. Simply divine, this range adds to the magic of pride, a squeeze of hues for your inner child.

The six stars of the show are delicious little treats. Say hello to Sugar Doe, a peachy delight as sweet as candy. Cupcake in Coral is a perfectly cute tint for your fingertips. Macaroons freshen up the look with the zesty green shade. Feeling dreamy? Try Frosting a cool blue that transports you to a world of whimsy. There’s Marshmallow, a pink that’s as fun as a carnival ride. And last but definitely not least, Lemon Tart will add rays of Sunday sunshine to your life!

The joyful shades under Colorbar’s Vegan Nail Lacquer range leave a high gloss gel-like shine. Enriched with calcium and biotin, the tones nourish and strengthen nails and do not chip. The nail lacquers blend Colorbar’s 21 FREE Formula which means each is non-yellowing, non-chipping, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and free from animal-derived pigment. In an effort to protect the environment, the caps of these vegan nail lacquers comprise 50% less plastic while bottles are made of glass.

Think Barbie! But more pink, blue, yellow, green, and much joy. Each shade is priced at INR 199. Embrace the magic of summer with the latest delicious addition. The Vegan Nail Lacquer range is available across all Colorbar stores and counters in India. Dip your fingers at too.

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