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The 134th Canton Fair’s New Energy Vehicle and Smart Mobility section: a catalyst for global a

The 134th Canton Fair, inaugurated on October 15, has seen the first phase of the onsite exhibition create quite a buzz. The “New Energy Vehicles and Smart Mobility”, previously “New Energy and Intelligent Connected Vehicles”, has been a crowd-puller. It occupies an area of 18,000 square metres and features numerous high-quality companies showcasing the latest in new energy vehicles, intelligent connected vehicles and technology, battery and charging pile technology, electronic control systems, and vehicle-mounted electronic devices.

Liuzhou Wuling Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. (“Wuling”) has earned a spot on the list of top 100 global parts and components suppliers for the fifth year in a row. Wuling’s product line includes a variety of motors, power systems, and HEV and PHEV systems, as well as logistics vehicles and other special vehicles. Wuling is showcasing its new energy masterpieces, golf hunting cars and dining cars at the Fair. The Electric Golf Cart with Food Box, equipped with a 48V 4KW three-phase AC asynchronous motor, Curtis electronic control, and Qiujian battery, is a standout product. The cart’s frame is made of high-strength aluminium alloy, and the sideboard size can be customised.

Zhejiang Safemate Automotive Safety & Emergency Technology Co., Ltd. (“Safemate”), a pioneer in the fields of automobile travel safety, first aid, repair and maintenance as well as R&D of new energy products, exhibits its EV charger at the Fair, a product that encapsulates high efficiency, convenience, and safety. Compatible with a wide range of new energy charging products, this charger has received authoritative third-party quality certification in European and American markets.

Jiangxi Jiangling Motors Import & Export Co., Ltd. (“Jianngling”) is introducing its new energy and digital products at the Fair. The Vigus EV Pickup, equipped with outstanding self-developed components such as electronic control systems, engines, and gearboxes, is a testament to Jiangling’s independent innovation, offering exceptional performance and an intelligent driving experience.

The 134th Canton Fair has revamped 11 sections among the total 55, each teeming with new features and highlights. This presents a unique opportunity for global buyers to explore boundless business prospects.

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