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5 hobbies ideal to start in monsoons by Zivame

Raindrops falling, thunder rumbling, and the air filled with that distinct earthy scent—it can only mean one thing: monsoon season is here! As we bid adieu to sunny days and welcome the symphony of rain, why not embrace this cosy weather by exploring some exciting new hobbies? After all, what better way to spend your time indoors than indulging in activities that make your heart dance as joyously as raindrops on your windowpane?

Get ready to dive into the world of five quirky hobbies that will turn your monsoon blues into a kaleidoscope of adventure and creativity. Grab your rain boots, open up your umbrella, and embark on a journey that promises to ignite your curiosity and fill your days with delightful surprises!

Find your Zen Zone

All that time indoors is perfect to help you figure out what truly keeps you active, healthy and creative. A quick digital detox, some self-care and pampering and pursuing a passion that you’ve put off for too long – they can really come through this season.

POP! in front of the Home Theatre

Yep, it’s time to bring out the remote and binge-watch all those series and movies you forgot after “Adding to List”. Stay on top of your game (that’s you, couch potato) with front-row seats to all the newest, there is in the world of television. And when you’re done, there’s always room for a few old classics!

Heya plant momma!

Use the monsoon season to do something you’ve always wanted to like indoor gardening to make your space green and clean. Transform your zone to an oasis of calm and serene vibes, as you practice the art of botanical brilliance as you nurture your plants amidst the dewy weather around you.

Hooked and Booked

Pick up a novella or write! Let your imagination run wild when you’ve got all the time in your hands. Don’t forget to find pots of gold at the end of every rainbow and rendezvous with your favourite fictional characters. It’s a sweet escape!

Get crafty ‘coz you can

There’s no time for DIYs like now! Take a trip down nostalgia’s lane and make those Origami paper boats so you can float them in puddles. While you’re at it, some macrame craft hangings to spruce up your decor go well with your handcrafted interests. This is where your creativity peaks!


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