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Who is Orry? – Indians turn to Alexa for answers

Amazon Alexa customers in India are ever curious to know more about trending topics and personalities. Questions about celebrities and public figures often lead them to turn to Alexa for a factual, and sometimes even entertaining, response. Most recently, netizens are curious about Orry, a.k.a Orhan Awatramani, the enigmatic socialite capturing the spotlight alongside Bollywood elites. Alexa adds a dash of entertainment to the intrigue by answering the question, ‘Who is Orry’ – that’s been on everyone’s minds lately.

If you’re still unable to figure out who Orry is or what he does – just ask Alexa! Just say, “Alexa, who is Orry?” or “Alexa, what does Orry do?” to satiate your curiosity about the identity of Orry but in his style!

In the past, Alexa has fielded several questions from customers about celebrities and trending personalities. For example, questions like “Alexa, what is Alia Bhatt’s age?”, “Alexa, what is Anushka Sharma’s baby’s name?”, “Alexa, tell me about Rashmika Mandanna” and “Alexa, Salman Khan की girlfriend कौन है?” emerged as popular requests.

Over the years, Alexa has become a trusted and beloved companion for users to interact freely and find quick answers to any question – all by just using their voice. Alexa’s clever quips and entertaining remarks make interacting with it a joyful experience – akin to talking with a friend or family member. Making Alexa a part of one’s day is as simple as asking a question, playing songs, catching up on trending news, controlling smart home devices, paying bills, and much more.

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