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Parky.AI expands globally: The ultimate AI-powered parking sign interpreter

Parky.AI expands globally: The ultimate AI-powered parking sign interpreter

Parky.AI, the innovative AI parking assistant app, is now available worldwide. This app deciphers parking signs to help drivers know if they can park or not, providing a simple solution to a common, worldwide problem.

Addressing a Global Challenge

Parking signs often have varying rules based on time, date, weekday, or month ranges; some signs can override others, and probably apply to only one side of the street, creating a tangled web of regulations. Additionally, as tourists, we might encounter signs in different languages, making it even more confusing.

How Parky.AI Works

By capturing a picture of the relevant parking signs, Parky.AI analyses the information and provides clear, detailed explanations on whether parking is allowed, any conditions to be aware of, and relevant time restrictions.

Key Benefits

  • Instant Clarity: Get clarity about parking rules and restrictions with one photo. Be informed whether you can park or not.

  • International Usability: Whether you're a Japanese tourist in Australia or a German visitor in New York, Parky.AI can interpret parking signs and provide information in your native language.

  • Complete Privacy: No account, personal information, nor geolocation data required.

  • Global Coverage: Optimised for use in Canada, US, UK, Australia, and beyond. Parky.AI supports 85 languages.

Pioneering Solutions

Parky is an AI app that simplifies parking for drivers everywhere. Its true innovation lies in its simplicity and privacy. By requiring only a photo of the relevant signs, it ensures that drivers can make informed parking decisions.

Continuous Accuracy Enhancements

Parky.AI boasts an 83% accuracy rate in interpreting parking signs. The app continually improves its accuracy through user feedback, allowing users to report any inaccuracies. This collaborative approach helps ensure reliable and up-to-date parking information.

"Our goal is to provide a simple, effective tool that helps drivers navigate parking rules anywhere in the world. We wanted to show how AI can benefit society without disclosing personal information nor location," said Joseph Zibara, CTO of Underlabs.


While Parky.AI strives for accuracy, users are strongly advised to double-check the parking signs themselves to ensure full compliance with local regulations. Parky.AI is not liable for any fines or penalties incurred.

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