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Honda Racing India Team gears up for Round 3 of 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R

As the 2023 season of the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup reaches its midway, the Honda Racing India team arrives at the Madras Motor Racetrack (MMRT) in Chennai to ignite the tracks as they gear up for Round 3.

The weekend extravaganza will feature 14 young riders competing on purpose-built Honda NSF250R motorcycles in the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup. These motorcycles are specifically designed for Moto3 racing, offering a highly competitive platform. With his proper skill and perfectly timed manoeuvres, Shyam Sundar from Chennai achieved a glorious victory by securing the first position in the final race of Round 2.

Commenting on Round 3, Mr Yogesh Mathur, Director, Sales & Marketing, Honda Motorcycle & Scooter India said, “The IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup has been an incredible platform for young riders to showcase their talents and determination towards riding. We are thrilled to see our young guns making such incredible’ progress in the championships. The phenomenal performance of the young talent in Round 2 has set the stage for an electrifying Round 3. With a well-prepared team, we are confident that our riders will soar to new heights, delivering unforgettable performances in the championship!”.”

IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup

The IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R embodies Honda’s racing heritage and passion for riding. The platform serves as a stepping-stone for young riders aspiring to reach higher levels of racing. Committed to nurturing young talent, Honda India Racing continues to contribute to the growth of motorsport in India. With a well-defined pathway, the IDEMITSU Honda Indian Talent Cup NSF250R paves the way for Indian riders to enter the realm of professional motorcycle racing.

In Race 1 of Round 2 of the 2023 IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R, 18-year-old Kavin Quintal from Chennai emerged victorious, crossing the chequered line in first place. AS James closely trailed Kavin and secured the second position. The battle for the third position was intense between Prakash Kamat and Shyam Sundar, with Prakash ultimately securing the third spot.

During Race 2 of the IDEMITSU Honda India Talent Cup NSF250R, a gripping 8-lap battle unfolded with Shyam Sundar, AJ James, and Raheesh Khatri fearlessly vying for the top positions. Leveraging his exceptional skills and impeccable timing, Shyam Sundar achieved a glorious victory, securing the first position as he completed the race. Not far behind, AJ James put up a tough fight, finishing the race in the second position. Mumbai’s Raheesh Khatri earned his first-ever podium finish in the category, impressively completing the race in third position.

Watch the race live on the 5th & 6th of August on Honda Racing India (Facebook & Instagram page) and Honda BigWing India (Facebook & Instagram page)

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