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Forging the future: BatteroTech and Kale Environmental Technology seal strategic partnership for inn

At 10 am on October 10, Battero Tech Co Ltd formally entered into a strategic cooperation agreement with Kale Environmental Technology (Shanghai) Corporation at Kale Science and Technology Industrial Park. Yongqing Technology Chairman Hu Xiaodong, Battero Tech Chairman Zhang Wutang, Kale Environmental Technology Chairman Lu Xiaobo, Anri Power Limited (ANPL) General Manager Zhang Dengji, along with other key figures, attended the signing event and engaged in detailed discussions with representatives from the two companies.

Amid the escalating interest in the energy storage sector, the long-term growth of firms is deeply linked to the synergy between partners across the value chain — from upstream to downstream. This newly forged strategic alliance not only strengthens each entity’s market position and expertise but also underscores a commitment to collaborative growth and shared success.

Mr Hu, the Yongqing Technology Chairman, remarked at the meeting, “Our affiliate, Tsingshan Industry, boasts a diversified portfolio in the renewable energy arena. Capitalising on its competitive cost structure, resources, and managerial prowess, it has made significant inroads into the renewable energy market, positioning itself prominently along the value chain. Throughout its journey, Tsingshan remains steadfast in its commitment to open collaboration, seeking partnerships with industry leaders like Kale Environmental Technology to enhance market competitiveness. In this strategic alliance, Battero Tech and Anri Power Limited (ANPL) collaborate, leveraging their respective strengths to foster an integrated industry ecosystem and champion the cause of sustainable green energy.”

Mr Lu, the Kale Environmental Technology Chairman, underscored Battero Tech’s influential position and technological forefront in the energy storage battery domain. He conveyed optimism for a seamless merger of prime assets from both entities to realise symbiotic growth and collaborative success. He elaborated, “Kale’s strategic vision centres around harnessing technology to forge a more sustainable environment, a philosophy that dovetails seamlessly with Battero Tech’s organisational ethos of leveraging tech advancements for societal betterment and environmental stewardship. Furthermore, Battero Tech’s commitment to enhancing battery performance — prioritising capacity, speed, reliability, and overall excellence — resonates with Kale’s relentless drive for product refinement and quality betterment.” This alignment of values and aspirations sets a robust foundation for their collaborative ventures.

“In recognising the potential of partnerships, Kale Environmental Technology is to be commended for its dynamic, goal-oriented team that showcases commendable agility and unity during pivotal corporate transitions. Kale is one of Battero Tech’s most valued collaborators,” Mr. Zhang, the Battero Tech chairman commented. “Looking ahead, we hold high aspirations for the continued synergy and mutual growth between our two companies.”

Following their deliberations, industry leaders toured Kale Environmental Technology’s state-of-the-art exhibit space and manufacturing facility. Mr Lu delved into the storied trajectory of Kale Environmental, highlighting their pioneering strategies in HVLS industrial fans and the commercial energy storage landscape. A standout moment was the unveiling of Anri Power (ANPL)’s groundbreaking all-liquid cooled commercial energy storage system, a first-of-its-kind innovation introduced in 2022. Mr Zhang, the Battero Tech chairman, lauded Kale’s advancements in energy storage solutions, signalling a bolstered optimism for the trajectory of their future collaborations.

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