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EZVIZ celebrates the 19th Asian Games Hangzhou, empowering a connected and harmonious future as the

EZVIZ, a global leader in smart home technology, contributes to the dawn of “smart games” and “a smart city” as an official sponsor of the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou and the 4th Asian Paralympic Games. As the brand designated to represent a wide range of smart home appliances including security cameras, video doorbells and door locks, EZVIZ exemplifies Hangzhou City’s value of innovation and vitality in the digital era, resonating with the games’ vision for a better, stronger, smarter future.

From September 23 to October 8, athletes from 45 countries(regions)will compete for 481 medals in Hangzhou, China. Home to many Internet pioneers including Alibaba, Hangzhou not only celebrates the spirit of true sportsmanship, but is also an advocate for a globally connected, shared and harmonious future powered by technology.

EZVIZ is dedicated to the idea of easy smart living, and shares the ambition communicated through the Game’s slogan “Heart to Heart, @Future.” With EZVIZ security cameras and smart devices, millions of families have been able to stay connected, “heart-to-heart” with their loved ones regardless of distance, and are one step closer to a futuristic home powered by remote, intuitive controls. Since 2013, EZVIZ has led the market in developing an extensive product portfolio, ranging from top-notch smart home security cameras to reliable home appliances such as doorbells, door locks, air purifiers and more.

During the 19th Asian Games, EZVIZ will demonstrate its cutting-edge smart home technologies to a wider audience from a variety of cultural backgrounds while facilitating the athletes’ stay in Hangzhou with a smart and secure living space. As an Asia-born brand that is growing globally with great momentum, EZVIZ has served more than 80 million users from across 130 countries, and over 130 million devices have been connected to EZVIZ Cloud.

“It’s a great honour for EZVIZ to participate in the Asian Games to provide both convenience and enjoyment to people who visit and enjoy the city,” said Sandra Zheng, global marketing director of EZVIZ, “From Hangzhou to the world, EZVIZ will take this great opportunity to showcase its vision of smart living for everyone, exhibit its capabilities for developing helpful technologies, and demonstrate its values as an internationally inclusive brand.”

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