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Amaze unveils heartfelt Diwali campaign #Amazewalidiwali

The short film captures the essence of family reunions and serves as a touching reminder that Diwali is a perfect time for strengthening relationships.

Amaze, a Luminous Power Technologies brand, has launched an emotional short film #Amazewalidiwali to celebrate the festive spirit of Diwali. This heartfelt film has been thoughtfully crafted to capture the true essence of the festival, with a focus on the significance of the family unity and the art of reconciliation. Through this film, Amaze intends to touch the hearts of viewers and inspire them to embrace the essence of Diwali, fostering love, understanding, and harmony within their families.

The central theme of the campaign revolves around a touching father-son story, portraying a generational gap and the eventual mending of their relationship during Diwali, a time when families come together to celebrate. The film skillfully illustrates a powerful analogy between the entangled mirchi lights and the complexities of human relationships, highlighting how both can be untangled with care, giving the message of love and unity. Just as untangling mirchi lights requires patience and effort, relationships can also be mended with genuine communication and understanding, embodying the true spirit of Diwali.

Speaking about the campaign, Neelima Burra, Chief Strategy, Transformation and Marketing Officer, Luminous Power Technologies expressed, “We are delighted to present the #Amazewalidiwali campaign, celebrating the importance of relationships with a message that reminds us that our homes are illuminated not just by lights and lamps but by the warmth of our family bonds. We believe that our products play an essential role in making Diwali celebrations brighter, and our campaign meticulously portrays the values that are close to us. The film beautifully captures the authentic spirit of these celebrations, and we encourage families to come together and celebrate the festival of light, love, and reconciliation, as it symbolizes the core values we hold.”

Bodh Deb, Founder & Chief Content Officer of Bodh Entertainment Private Limited, said, “Diwali has always been the best time for brands to connect with their core consumer base. Amaze wanted to break free from the usual norms and engage with its consumers on a deeper, emotional level. The idea was to create something that doesn’t come across as just another Diwali ad. We aimed to recreate intimate moments from our lives that evoke a strong sense of personal connection and the warmth of home. Our hope is to strike a chord with our target audience across Bharat, fostering a genuine emotional connection during this special festival of lights.”

Amaze’s Diwali campaign conceptualized and executed by Bodh Entertainment Private Limited serves as a touching reminder of the significance of Diwali in fostering love and unity within the family. The script seamlessly integrates the Amaze Inverter as part of the family’s Diwali celebrations, highlighting its role in providing energy solutions for a brighter and more enjoyable festival. It’s a compelling message that resonates with the idea that Diwali is a time to strengthen family bonds, emphasizing that no matter the past, it’s never too late to strengthen relationships.

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