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VisitorsCoverage continues sustainability in action efforts to combat ocean pollution in 2024

VisitorsCoverage, a global travel insurance marketplace, is proud to announce a landmark partnership with 4ocean, a renowned ocean cleanup organization dedicated to removing plastic and trash from the world’s oceans, rivers and coastlines. This collaboration signifies a major step forward in VisitorsCoverage’s commitment to environmental sustainability.

Why the oceans need our help

The oceans are in peril due to plastic pollution. This not only poses a deadly threat to marine life, it also disrupts the food web and worsens the effects of global warming. Plastic disrupts the ocean’s ability to absorb carbon dioxide, which is one of the main contributors to climate change.

Saving the planet one ocean cleanup at a time

Through this partnership, VisitorsCoverage will make significant contributions to the removal of plastic and waste from the ocean. By lending support to this significant cause, we hope to spread awareness about our oceans’ plastic crisis and inspire others to do their part to protect the planet.

“We are thrilled to join forces with 4ocean in this vital environmental endeavour. This partnership aligns perfectly with our vision of embracing sustainable practices while contributing positively to the global community,” said Rajeev Shrivastava, CEO at VisitorsCoverage. “Together, we are not just making a statement, but taking tangible steps towards a cleaner, more sustainable future for our oceans.”

This partnership is more than a corporate alliance; it represents a shared vision for a cleaner, healthier planet. VisitorsCoverage’s commitment to this cause aligns with its core values of sustainability and environmental stewardship, setting a new standard in the travel industry.

About VisitorsCoverage

Founded in 2006, VisitorsCoverage® has helped millions of customers in over 175 countries find the travel insurance they need to feel safe, secure, and well-prepared for their journeys. Our award-winning and innovative marketplace of top-rated travel medical and trip insurance plans helps travellers research, compare, and buy affordable travel insurance online in minutes.

About 4ocean

4ocean is a global cleanup company actively removing plastic and trash from the oceans, rivers and coastlines while inspiring individuals to work together for cleaner oceans, one pound at a time. The company is driven by the vision of a sustainable future where oceans are free of plastic waste. 4ocean proudly has local captains and crews who are out on the field every day removing millions of plastic. 4ocean has removed over 34 million pounds of plastic and trash since 2017.

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