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This festive season, unleash your inner magic with Colorbar’s Pro Eyeshadow palettes – Fairy T

What does the word ‘magic’ evoke for you? Does it transport you back to cherished childhood dreams? Of becoming a fairy, a pixie, or a master of spells, capable of weaving magic beyond belief? Somewhere along the winding path from those dream-filled nights to the responsibilities of adulthood, we may have momentarily lost touch with our fantasies. Yet, the deep yearning for a kind of magic that liberates us to express ourselves freely and live life spectacularly has never truly left us. Colorbar not only understands this longing but is here to electrify your senses with a revival of that very magic!

It’s time to transform your wildest, most colourful fantasies into reality with the launch of Colorbar’s Pro Eyeshadow Collection! It’s your personal magic wand, your key to unlocking a world of endless possibilities, and reigniting the magic that has been patiently waiting within you for far too long.

And what better moment to embark on this electrifying journey than during the festive season? Prepare to radiate like never before with a spellbinding palette of glittering shades. These palettes are a vibrant symphony of dazzling metallics, captivating chrome, sophisticated nudes, and show-stopping, eye-popping colours that will transport you to the realm of a magical wonderland.

But that’s not all! Colorbar’s Pro Eyeshadow Collection boasts long-wearing formulas designed to blend seamlessly, allowing you to craft your desired look with 24-28 beautiful shades, be it matte, shimmery, or metallic. These velvety, glide-on formulas are tailor-made for those unforgettable moments, ensuring you look nothing short of spectacular.

The stage is set, and the magic awaits. It’s your time to shine brighter and bolder than ever before.

Fairy Tale – Immerse yourself in a realm of fairy tales with this enchanting palette! Comprising 24 transformed nude shades, including ultra-pigmented mattes, shimmers, and metallic hues, Fairy Tale promises to turn your dreams into reality. The long-lasting mattes glide on like a dream, effortlessly blending into your desired look. The shimmering shades offer a velvety texture, while the marble and starry textured shades add a glamorous, twinkling allure. With Fairy Tale, you’ll reign as the undeniable White Queen at just INR 2,800.

Pixie Love – Unleash the magic of day and night with Pixie Love! Priced at INR 2,800, this astonishingly versatile palette boasts 28 intensely pigmented mattes, shimmers, and metallic hues that allow you to craft soft, long-lasting looks. The mattes are silky-smooth and blend with ease, granting you endless creative possibilities. The striking shimmers provide a luscious, velvety texture, while the metallic hues offer a bewitching light-shifting finish. With Pixie Love, transform your look effortlessly!

Spellbound – Script your own fairy tale with the Spellbound palette! This mystical book of spells houses 24 transformative shades that can metamorphose your appearance in an instant. Featuring beguiling eye shadows, captivating blushers, illuminating highlighters, and sculpting contour shades, Spellbound equips you with everything needed for a flawless look. The long-lasting shades glide on seamlessly, ensuring a picture-perfect finish. The harmonious blend of commanding mattes, dazzling shimmers, and metallic hues imparts a hypnotic light-shifting effect. Cast your everlasting spells, radiating vivid colours and brilliance, whether it’s day or night at just INR 2,800.

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