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MedPro Systems aligns with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to enhance prescription drug compliance

MedPro Systems aligns with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to enhance prescription drug compliance

MedPro Systems, known for its expertise in Life Science regulatory and technology solutions, has initiated efforts to assist pharmaceutical manufacturers and distributors in adhering to state-specific regulations for prescription drug products, particularly focusing on guidelines provided by the Massachusetts Program Counsel Department of Public Health - Drug Control Program.

This initiative aims to ensure that the industry can meet Massachusetts' regulations, despite separate storage of SLN and MCSR data and the potential redaction of address information in the system.

Understanding the complex nature of Massachusetts' regulations, MedPro Systems has taken proactive steps to assist customers in maintaining compliance with state laws. By associating Massachusetts State License Numbers (MA SLN) to Massachusetts Controlled Substance Registration (MCSR) data, MedPro is enabling essential validation fulfillment for pharmaceutical companies. MedPro is also enhancing its services by providing data quality checks, proactive monitoring, continuous data delivery and support to customers.

"As regulations evolve, so does the need for precise data validation and compliance strategies," said MedPro Systems CEO Greg Ungemach. "Our ongoing communication with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health underscores MedPro's commitment to providing our customers with the most accurate and up-to-date information to meet their compliance and business objectives."

Since early December 2023, MedPro Systems has been in direct communication with Massachusetts MCSR and IT departments. The company has been diligently working to evaluate data published by the state, identifying and addressing any anomalies and gaps. This effort has been crucial to MedPro in navigating recent transitions in license data management and understanding new complexities introduced, especially regarding address-specific components in the license verification process.

These changes are significant, as all prescription drugs in the state are considered "controlled substances." An MCSR, which is location-specific, is required in addition to the professional license (MA SLN) for prescribing or receiving prescription drug products. This development necessitates a rigorous inspection of compliance and technical approaches in data acquisition and storage for pharmaceutical companies.

MedPro Systems remains dedicated to supporting its customers through these changes, ensuring they can successfully navigate the complexities of Massachusetts regulations and continue to provide essential healthcare services without interruption.

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