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Introducing SYNSYS microprocessor full-leg system, an entirely new angle

Only SYNSYS microprocessor full-leg system offers triple flexion movements allowing a synergistic interaction between the hip, knee, and ankle.

Introducing SYNSYS microprocessor full-leg system, an entirely new angle

PROTEOR announced the US launch of PDAC verified SYNSYS microprocessor full-leg system, an entirely new angle on performance for low to moderate K3 activity levels. Previously only available in Europe, SYNSYS offers US clinicians and amputees an entirely new angle on:

  • MOTION: Only SYNSYS hydraulic kinetic coupling and hip-knee-ankle triple flexion with 125° knee flexion and 42° ankle ROM allow users to: 

  • Intuitively walk down stairs with the full foot flat on the step, decreasing the risk of falling.

  • Easily squat and bend down. 

  • Have greater toe clearance reducing the potential for trips and falls.

  • STABILITY: SYNSYS demonstrated greater stability with 92% longer flat foot time while walking (P = 0.05) and 2X more toe clearance (P = 0.05) for optimal security in a prospective, multicenter, randomized, and cross-over study.

  • Study subjects reported significantly improved daily life after > 4 weeks of SYNSYS use as compared to > 4 weeks of use with their usual prosthesis.*

  • LIFE: SYNSYS looks and feels more natural than any prosthesis; the ankle ROM allows the foot to easily be placed under the seat in front of the user on a plane, train, or subway for a more comfortable sitting position and decreases stresses on the socket. SYNSYS provides greater confidence with more shoe options than any other prosthesis available, longer battery life (up to 10 days), and ease while walking.

"Watching people be able to move in ways that they never imagined inspires PROTEOR to continue to pioneer innovations like SYNSYS," said Matt Swiggum, CEO at PROTEOR USA. "At PROTEOR, we're #HumanFirst, and more committed than ever to spark inspiration, collaborating with the community to continually develop advancements that provide an entirely new level of security and confidence."

Additional SYNSYS features include:

  • Small step feature for use inside homes, closed spaces, or in crowds.

  • Stumble Recovery that fully locks out allowing the patient to easily recover after a stumble. 

  • Standing stabilization feature with sensors that detect when a user is standing without moving.

  • More shoe options with up to 10 different heel heights to preset—from bare feet to ~2 inches—so that users can wear shoes they previously did not feel secure with, such as high-heels.

"I'm extremely excited and have a lot of pride in being able to help our patients learn new things with this latest technology," said Jason Dean CPO at Limb Lab in Lincoln, Nebraska, who was the first Certified Prosthetist Orthotist in the US to deliver a SYNSYS to a patient. "To see the progression of technology that impacts our patients and makes such a huge difference in their quality of life is special. This is truly an intuitive symbiotic system that is customizable to be tailored to each patient. It is really special to be able to be a part of their journey and watch them regain their independence."

*Requena, C et al. (2023, September 18). Increased of stability and security in transfemoral amputees with a knee-ankle synergistic system. Presented at ESMAC. Athens, Greece.


PROTEOR is a leading prosthetic and orthotic device company committed to collaborating with clinicians to spark real-world innovations. We are inspired by the people who use our products. Seeing their everyday achievements motivate us to make more things possible. Our extensive portfolio includes technological breakthroughs that allow the utmost mobility, manoeuvrability, adaptability, and durability. PROTEOR's process for developing advancements and community support is based on a collaborative approach with clinicians and the people they care for. When we all work together, it's amazing how much patients can achieve.

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