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IIM Kashipur ignites minds with TEDx event: “Dwell and Conquer” theme inspires transform

IIM Kashipur, a pioneer in management education, hosted a transformative TEDx event today that left an indelible mark on attendees. Themed “Dwell and Conquer,” the event showcased a dynamic lineup of speakers who shared inspiring stories, innovative insights, and thought-provoking perspectives.

The event featured Vartul Mittal, a Digital Transformation leader and Technology and innovation Specialist, who seamlessly connected technology and human potential. Jyoti Jha, an HR-turned-Author and dynamic storyteller, captivated the audience with her compelling journey from corporate corridors to literary acclaim. Gaurav Kejriwal, an IIM Calcutta alumnus and Vice President at EXL Analytics, provided impactful insights into the transformative power of data across marketing, risk, and product analytics.

Nitish Raj, Literary Critic turned Author, explored literature, entrepreneurship, and storytelling, engaging the audience with his unique perspective. Kanishk Agrawal, a visionary business leader, blended expertise in technology, design thinking, and business agility, inspiring solutions for real-world challenges. English author and constitutional lawyer Vadhan, known for his thrilling literary lens, unravelled mysteries through his storytelling.

The event also featured Ashwani Dhawan, Broadway Infotech’s visionary leader, who shared insights into reshaping innovation and change, redefining the CIO role. Harshita Rao Motaparthi, Founder of Mile Active, inspired the audience with her journey from a leap of faith to building a community based Activewear brand. Ella D’ Verma, a beacon of resilience, documented her transition to becoming a celebrated social media influencer and model.

Major Prajakta Desai, a trailblazer in the Indian Army’s Corps of Army Aviation, shared her inspiring journey as the first woman officer to qualify as a UAV Observer Pilot. The diverse speakers collectively brought an enriching tapestry of ideas, embodying the essence of “Dwell and Conquer.”

As the curtains fall on TEDx IIM Kashipur’s “Dwell and Conquer,” the echoes of transformative ideas and inspiring narratives linger in the air. The diverse array of speakers illuminated the stage, weaving a rich tapestry of experiences, resilience, and innovation. IIM Kashipur extends its heartfelt gratitude to all participants, attendees, and partners who contributed to making this event a resounding success.

In the spirit of “Dwell and Conquer,” let these compelling stories continue to resonate, sparking new conversations and empowering each listener to embark on their unique journey of conquering challenges. As we move forward, may these shared insights serve as beacons of inspiration, fostering a community committed to continual learning, growth, and positive change.

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