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Honeywell launches world’s first 100% hydrogen-capable gas meter

Introduction marks a significant advancement in accelerating Europe’s clean energy transition

Honeywell today announced the European launch of its 100% hydrogen-capable diaphragm gas meter. The Honeywell EI5 smart gas meter, which has been successfully piloted in the Netherlands, is part of a broader initiative to align with the region’s goals outlined in the European Green Deal.

The new gas meter is capable of measuring both hydrogen and natural gas, providing adaptability across the European continent. Once installed, these meters eliminate the need for future replacements, even as networks transition to hydrogen, thereby reducing long-term costs and enhancing operational sustainability. The EI5’s design and functionality have been tested and certified by Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt (PTB), ensuring their safety, accuracy, and preparedness for the evolving energy landscape.

“Honeywell’s hydrogen-capable meters are key to facilitating a seamless transition to hydrogen energy across European utility networks,” said Kinnera Angadi, Chief Technology Officer of Smart Energy and Thermal Solutions at Honeywell. “We’re enhancing operational efficiency with meters that are ready for the future, helping our customers stay ahead in a market that’s swiftly transitioning toward greener energy solutions.”

In the Netherlands, the gas meters will be delivered to Enexis Group, one of the country’s largest gas distributors, following a pilot project in Wagenborgen. This pilot project is transforming residential homes from the 1970s, integrating them into a hydrogen network that includes not only the EI5 gas meters but also a hydrogen central boiler for heating and hot water. Looking ahead, the project aims to pioneer the use of green hydrogen through electrolysis, marking a significant step in sustainable energy usage.

Ashish Gaikwad, Managing Director, Honeywell Automation India Limited and Vice President – General Manager, Honeywell Process Solutions, added “​Honeywell’s launch of the EI5 smart gas meter in Europe, a 100% hydrogen-capable diaphragm meter, underscores our global dedication to sustainable energy solutions. Successfully piloted in the Netherlands, this innovation aligns with the European Green Deal. Additionally, as India advances towards a cleaner energy landscape, the adaptability of these meters to measure hydrogen and natural gas is particularly relevant to operational efficiency and cost reduction. Our hydrogen-capable meters aren’t just technology; they’re key to a seamless transition. As the world embraces hydrogen, Honeywell is devoted to supporting India’s clean energy vision. The EI5 smart gas meter stands testament to Honeywell’s role in contributing to the ambitious global goals for a cleaner, greener future.”

The 2020 Hydrogen Council report indicates that hydrogen costs are expected to decrease by 2030, making it competitive with other low-carbon alternatives. This leads large utility distributors like Enexis Group to commit converting their main gas lines to hydrogen within the next three years.

“The transition to clean energy is as necessary as it is complex,” said Ruud Busscher, Program Manager for Energy Transit & Hydrogen at Enexis Group. “This project aims to challenge the way we operate by using an alternative to natural gas. We are finding out how the existing grid will be influenced by hydrogen and what new paths can be taken for a sustainable future.”

About Honeywell

Honeywell is an integrated operating company serving a broad range of industries and geographies around the world.  Our business is aligned with three powerful megatrends – automation, the future of aviation and energy transition – underpinned by our Honeywell Accelerator operating system and Honeywell Connected Enterprise integrated software platform. As a trusted partner, we help organisations solve the world’s toughest, most complex challenges, providing actionable solutions and innovations that help make the world smarter, safer and more sustainable. 

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