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BenQ introduces Ideacam: A webcam for professional – Webcam and document camera designed to ca

BenQ, a leading provider of advanced display technology solutions, has launched its new product: ideacam – a combination of webcam and document camera designed to cater to the needs of creative professionals who require high-quality video conferencing and presentation solutions.

Specialised webcams that offer multiple shooting modes and exceptional video quality are required to unlock creativity, even in a WFH setup. While anyone can understand the value of a good desktop webcam for virtual meetings, creative professionals need a unique desktop webcam designed with their needs in mind. Professional creators and makers must show off their talents in ways that static webcams are not intended to do. Luckily the BenQ ideacam is now available and has many special features that allow users to showcase their creativity with this simple yet powerful dual-mode desktop webcam. The ideacam series includes two models – ideacam S1 Pro and ideacam S1 Plus – each designed to offer superior performance and flexibility in a single device.

Mr. Rajeev Singh, Managing Director of BenQ South Asia, said, “The ideacam series is the perfect solution for professionals who require high-quality video conferencing and presentation solutions. The ideacam S1 Pro and S1 Plus are designed to provide the best image quality, performance, and flexibility, making them ideal for remote work, distance learning, and object shooting.”

The BenQ ideacam supercharges creativity with four shooting modes, i.e. Portrait, Desk view, Hand Held, and Macro. Portrait mode is the traditional webcam mode, while Desk view mode easily captures the desktop to display objects or documents. The ideacam is designed with an intelligent auto flip for desk view mode, which auto-corrects after flipping, rotating and auto-focusing the image, allowing for an easy transition between Portrait and Desk view modes. Switch to Hand Held mode to get extreme closeups or unique camera angles that a static webcam cannot and capture stunning details by putting on the magnetic Macro lens.

The BenQ ideacam, with an 8MP Sony sensor and a 3264x2488p maximum resolution, is a high-end dual-mode webcam with incredible image quality. Ideacam delivers near 4K clarity, almost four times sharper than 1080P; at the purpose-built 4:3 aspect ratio designed for optimal desktop and object shooting. With a 15X Macro lens, extreme close-ups can show incredible detail on any surface or material. An integrated Ring Light effortlessly illuminates dark surfaces and highlights features. With the help of ideacam, professional designers can easily do object-shooting and document display. Combining all these features with an integrated noise-cancelling microphone, the ideacam has everything professional creators need.

Another essential feature is the exclusive BenQ Enspire software, created to help users get the most out of the ideacam. It is a visual presentation and communication tool, empowering the user to easily display documents, objects, and images. Creators can use features like image freeze, zoom, live annotation, and measurement display, bringing objects and documents to life. By sharing the screen/ window, EnSpire is a fantastic complement to other online communication tools like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Additionally, EnSpire Control Puck, a dedicated remote control which comes with the ideacam S1 Pro makes using various features, like resizing, refocusing, and muting, simple and easy for professional creators. Designed specifically to work with the EnSpire software, this easy-to-use device will take you to the next level. No need to worry about complicated interfaces; the Control Puck works with BenQ EnSpire to bring intuitive control for both presentations and communications.

The new BenQ Ideacam S1 Pro retails at INR 19,990, while the Ideacam S1 Plus is at INR 17,990.

Now Exclusively available at BenQ’s e-Store & Amazon

About BenQ Group

The BenQ Group is a $25+ billion powerhouse comprised of nearly 20 independent companies operating in over 30 countries across numerous industries with a combined workforce of more than 100,000 workers. Each Group member is a recognised leader in their field, contributing to the BenQ Group’s vast resources, broad R&D, and distinct strategic strengths. By leveraging each company’s vertical specialisation to create true scale across horizontal markets, the BenQ Group controls a highly efficient value chain with the unrivaled ability to deliver critical components and world-class solutions in the following industries: TFT-LCD, green energy, fine chemicals, and advanced materials, lighting, IC design, precision components, system integration, branded business, and service. The Group is committed to profitable and sustainable businesses that share its long-standing vision of Bringing Enjoyment ‘N’ Quality to Life.

The BenQ Group companies are BenQ Corporation, AU Optronics Corporation (the world’s top manufacturer of large-size TFT-LCD panels), Qisda Corporation, Darfon Electronics Corporation, BenQ ESCO Corp., BenQ Materials Corp., BenQ Guru Corp., BenQ Medical Center, BenQ Medical Technology Corp., BenQ AB DentCare Corp., BriView Co., Ltd., Daxin Materials Corp., Dazzo Technology Corp., Forhouse Corp., Lextar Electronics Corp., LILY Medical Corp., and Raydium Semiconductor Corp.


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