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Belong in Shaping Tomorrow’s Education: Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Bengaluru hosts c

Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE) Bengaluru campus hosted a conclave ‘Belong in Shaping Tomorrow’s Education’, where visionary principals from different educational institutes came together to discuss the future of education in India.

Following the keynote address, the conclave delved into an open house discussion on the theme ‘Belong in Shaping Tomorrow’s Education,’ divided into three sections: Management, Liberal Arts, and Design. In the Management Section, participants explored perceptions about BBA and IPM courses, discussing challenges and opportunities. They also focused on identifying gaps among students transitioning from high school to undergraduate business programs, emphasizing strategies to bridge these effectively.

In the Liberal Arts and Design segments, the focus shifted to innovative education approaches. Discussions revolved around integrating liberal arts and arts into STEM education to foster innovation. Participants explored reimagining education to promote global citizenship, community engagement, and self-expression, all essential aspects in preparing future-ready graduates. The vital role of higher education in art, design, and liberal arts was emphasized, highlighting its significance in shaping well-rounded individuals.

Speaking about the conclave, Prof Madhu Veeraraghavan, Pro Vice Chancellor MAHE Bengaluru said, “We are delighted to host the Principal’s Conclave at our premises. This is platform, which helps us to visualize and understand the future of education system in India in the coming years. Principals play a multifaceted role which includes overall development of the students and inculcating values amongst them in order to make them the future ready.”

Ms Anupama Ramchandra, Founder Principal of Delhi Public School, said, “Shaping Tomorrow’s Minds through Inclusive Belonging underscored the importance of inclusivity, diversity, and belonging in modern education. Overcoming generational gaps comes from fostering a bridge between educators and the youth of today. Equipping teachers with the necessary strategies to navigate this ever-changing educational landscape is paramount. The pivotal question that then lingers is about whether are educators ready to support their students as they navigate these shifting educational horizons.”

The Principal’s Conclave culminated with Meetali Archit, Principal at Nagarjuna Vidyaniketan, sharing her profound insights on fostering belonging and inspiring the future of education. Her perspective offered a fitting conclusion to a day filled with engaging discussions and visionary ideas.

The conclave was graced by principals from numerous esteemed schools in Bengaluru, such as Sarla Birla Academy, Vidyashilp Academy, Mallya Aditi International School, Delhi Public School, Royale Concorde International, California Public School, Nagarjuna Vidyanikethan, Presidency School, New Baldwins International, Nalapad Academy, BS International School, Iqra International School, Kunskapsskolan, Sri Gurukula International School, Transcend College, Global City International and more.

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