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70% of women feel balancing work-life issues is the main obstacle hindering career advancement: Hero Vired report

70% of women feel balancing work-life issues is the main obstacle hindering career advancement: Hero Vired report
  • 77% of respondents observed an increase in the representation of women in leadership positions compared to previous years, highlighting the changing dynamics at work

  • Despite biases such as limited advancement, microaggressions and pay gaps, more women in leadership signals progress towards workplace gender equality

  • 59% of women now believe have equal workplace opportunities as men, indicating shifting dynamics towards workplace equality

A recent report on ‘Women in Modern Workplaces in India’ by Hero Vired – a leading LearnTech startup from the Hero Group - reveals that work-life balance is the key obstacle preventing women from advancing in their careers or breaking the glass ceiling. Based on insights from the survey that reached out to 2 lakh women, 70% identified this as the primary challenge. This highlights the need for comprehensive strategies that recognise and address the complex reciprocation between professional and personal responsibilities in today's modern workplaces.

The report emphasises the challenges faced by women returning to work after a hiatus. Factors such as feeling out of touch with technological advancements, concerns about skill degradation and difficulties in finding suitable job opportunities emerge as significant obstacles. Despite the desire to reacclimate and progress in their careers, these challenges often hinder women from fully leveraging their potential in the workplace.


Amidst these challenges, however, there are promising signs of progress in diversity and inclusion efforts within organisations. According to the report, 77% of respondents have observed an increase in the representation of women in leadership positions compared to previous years. Additionally, the report’s findings indicate that 59% of respondents believe women in today’s workforce have equal opportunities as men, reflecting the changing dynamics towards workplace equality. This positive trend is attributed to supportive leadership, gender-inclusive hiring and promotion practices, as well as diversity initiatives implemented by organisations, as mentioned by the respondents. Moreover, 78% of the respondents who acknowledged the benefit of having more women in leadership positions believe it contributes to promoting diversity and inclusion in the workplace culture.


Despite these advances, the report revealed persistent biases faced by women in the workplace. Lack of growth opportunities, microaggressions and pay disparities were key challenges, according to the majority of respondents. Challenges in reacclimating to the workplace culture after career breaks were also highlighted by the women respondents- including feeling out of touch with technology, concerns about skill degradation and difficulty in finding suitable job opportunities. 55% of the respondents also advocated that organisations should offer specialised upskilling programs for women returning to work after a career break.

Commenting on the findings, Akshay Munjal, Founder and CEO, Hero Vired, said, “As we unveil our report, it is evident that though progress has been made, more work must be done to ensure equal opportunities for women in the workplace. There is need for continued efforts in fostering a supportive environment, addressing biases and providing avenues for professional development. Amid mounting evidence showcasing the significance of upskilling for women seeking to reintegrate into the workforce after a career hiatus, we recognise the imperative to support their professional journey. In response to this pressing need, we are happy to announce a special tribute to the women workforce through exclusive scholarships being offered this month. This survey is a reminder that slowly but surely women professionals are breaking the proverbial glass ceiling.”


85% of respondents believe that upskilling can help women keep pace with opportunities in the modern workplace. Motivated by advancement opportunities and career growth prospects, 65% of women are inclined to invest in upskilling and career development. However, lack of time was cited as the primary barrier for women pursuing upskilling opportunities, as per 69% of respondents.


Hero Vired remains committed to addressing these challenges faced by women in the workplace and advocating gender equality. Through initiatives focused on specialised upskilling programs, as well as diversity and inclusion efforts, Hero Vired strives to empower women to overcome barriers, realise their full potential and thrive in the modern workforce. The recent launch of Hero Vired’s #EmpowerHer scholarship, wherein the Company is offering a 25% scholarship to women learners this March, aligns well with Hero Vired’s mission to address these challenges and advance gender equality in the workplace through tailored upskilling programs and diversity initiatives.


About Hero Vired

Hero Vired is India’s premium learntech start-up, offering career-relevant programs in collaboration with leading universities worldwide. As a venture of the Hero Group, Hero Vired is dedicated to equipping learners with the skills and competencies required to excel in the digital economy. Through its innovative learning solutions, Hero Vired empowers individuals to pursue their professional aspirations and thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of technology and innovation.

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