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Mary Kay’s philanthropy has benefitted millions of women and children around the world

Mary Kay Inc., the iconic beauty brand and global entrepreneurship company from the US, released its ‘Special Report on Sustainability 2023’ detailing the brand’s unwavering commitment to enriching women’s lives and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

In the report, there is an impressive amount of more than 200 million dollars has been contributed in monetary and product donations to organisations all over the world by Mary Kay and its foundations since the commencement of their philanthropic efforts.

Mary Kay has a global commitment to improve the lives of women and their families. Mary Kay cares about women’s needs at every stage of life, and it has designed philanthropic programs that span the entire life cycle of women to support and empower them during various stages of their lives. These programs continue empowering millions of women and girls. Here are the highlights of the initiatives around the world:

For Little Girls

  1. Supported 1,009 underprivileged girls with cleft lips and palates to receive free reconstructive surgeries to restore their smiles.

For Teenage Girls

  1. Beauty consultants take on a Philanthropic challenge to help underprivileged girls complete their education.

  2. Helped girls to enter science, providing dozens of scholarships/grants every year.

For Moms

  1. Contributed over $36 million for women’s cancer research, supporting 270 related scientific studies.

  2. Protected victims of domestic and gender-based violence, funding 2700+ shelters and service organisations globally, benefiting 6 million+ people.

For Women Entrepreneurs

  1. Launched the Women’s Entrepreneurship Accelerator(WEA) in partnership with six UN agencies to create an ecosystem for women entrepreneurs through free entrepreneurship courses, entrepreneurship expos, gender-responsive procurement and other initiatives, to benefit 5 million women.

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